Style Crush: Style Pantry

If I’m given the opportunity to raid a few fashionistas’ closet, Style Pantry will definitely be on top of the list. I could literally sleep, eat, wake up, play dress up in her closet and be satisfied with life. For realzzzz!
Her style is legit same as mine style when I finally can afford all those beautiful clothes. I wouldn’t deny I have major closet envy. She’s my style muse!

I particularly like how updated yet classic her everyday wardrobe is. I love that she has a classic style, but with an edgy twist. Whether it’s a fitted dress or a palazzo pant, she knows how to look polished, but also turn heads. I really admire the way she easily incorporates prints, neutrals, and bright colors into her style. She’s the perfect combination of chic meets pretty, and manages to always look pulled together in such an effortless way.
And her gorgeous hair, whether she styles the fro or let it loose, it’s always perfect.

She’s goals!!! No doubts.

I love all her outfits, I can’t pick her best outfit yet because she slays every damn time. Just when you think this is the best outfit she posts another one. So I just made a collage of a few of her outfits that I love and I’d probably style in the exact same way.

Style crush by Tega EnaiI’m so in love with the wide leg pant trend and she styles them effortlessly. The purple pants and the navy blue blazer is my absolute favourite.

Style crush by Tega EnaiI’m all for figure hugging outfits. I mean – show the curves. I love how she plays with colours. And her body is goals. Perfection!
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Style crush by Tega EnaiFlared and Fabulous

Style crush by Tega Enai

Casuals never looked better
Let’s take a moment to appreciate and drool over her shoe collection. Dramatic much – but I just can’t get enough
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Let’s raid her closet already!!!
So what do you love about her style??
Photo Credit: Style Pantry

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  • Ada Anyagwa
    October 23, 2016

    Her shape 😍😍😍 me likey

  • En_kay
    October 23, 2016

    Let’s not forget that she’s a mother and still has that body.
    Yes to her style game.we can only screen shot and appreciate until we hit that cash…lol
    Lovely post

  • Larisa
    October 23, 2016

    Her style is Just amazing! I don’t know how she does it!!! Can’t wait to make that money and dress the way I want tho lol!

  • Idu
    October 23, 2016

    She does have great style. Beautiful pictures of her. The wide leg images are my favorite. Have a great week babe.

  • Brenda
    October 23, 2016

    Those skirts and dresses are so beautiful. I love the colours… And her shape is to dieeeee for.

  • Doreen's Style Diary
    October 23, 2016

    She has an amazing style. She’s so beautiful.

  • Meron Dymphana
    October 26, 2016

    Hey babe, how have you been? She is my fashion crush blogger all day, everyday. Mother of three, a wife to a chef and she has that kind of body, I can’t….I just can’t! She literally has an eye for style and she looks great in everything. let me stop here before I turn into two things, groupie or gay,lol!

  • Jeanne
    October 28, 2016

    She’s gorgeous! Love the high waist pieces too.

  • dominica
    October 28, 2016

    Wow amazing styles I love the pencil skirt section so my kind of thing!!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us.. 🙂 Have a lovely day! Visit me whenever you have time kisses Dominica! xXx

  • Yvonne
    October 29, 2016

    So much beauty😘

    Have a great weekend dear

  • Ada
    November 7, 2016

    I really love her style too. Thank you for stopping by my blog

  • TANG
    November 21, 2016

    She actually inspired my blog, like I stalked her blog for several months then decided to start mine. Simply said, Her style is GOALS, Her body is GOALS!

  • BIng
    November 24, 2016

    Wow style crush indeed!!!
    xx Bing.

  • Chidinma Nze
    December 28, 2016

    Folake Huntoon!!! One thing I love about her is the fact that she looks effortlessly classy without exposing body parts! She’s indeed a style inspiration.

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