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Six ways to stay busy this winter!

Cheer up! Winter is the time when most outdoor activities are traded in for an evening spent in front of the television. It is easy to fall prey to depression and often people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) find this time extremely challenging. The tough, wet and freezing weather serves to curb most activities and one can’t help but long for summer. However, there are a few steps we can take to ensure that winter does not become a period of misery. We have compiled a list of things that will keep your spirits flying!

#1 Baking

An all time favourite, you can spend winter by baking new cakes, checking out recipes and even starting a blog! Who doesn’t love perfect cupcakes? This is a great opportunity to fill your house with the warm, cheerful smell of a baking cake and stun friends and family with your skills. Experiment with your own recipes and stun your family!

#2 Painting

Although not everyone’s cup of tea, painting is an underrated activity. Perfect to boost your spirits and increase creativity, take up painting in a small way… water colours, acrylic perhaps. The winter offers stunning vistas which are simple to paint. Autumn is one of the artists favourites, and should be yours too!

#3 Exercise

We all make plans and buy clothes a size smaller, attributing them to the day we lose weight and will flash our svelte figures. However, excuses plague is time and again. This winter, use the forced indoor time to take up an activity like yoga, zumba, aerobics etc. Not only will your physical and mental health improve, but also watch your friends stunned by your summer body.

#4 Bingo

 Bingo is a favourite pastime of the UK and rightly so. Not just entertaining, it also provides large returns to players incredibly often. With online bingo sites like GameVillage Bingo offering various bonuses and amazing themes, it’s time to try your luck with bingo!

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  • <cite itemprop="author">Meron Dymphana</cite>

    Baking would definitely be on my radar because I love me some cakes, in fact am addicted. I agree about this being the right time to exercise especially because the cold makes people eat more thus being complacent with their bodies which is not helpful. I would love to learn how to paint someday!

    • <cite itemprop="author">Tega Enai</cite>

      Please come and bake for me. Just make sure we burn it all afterwards. I miss our Nigerian kinda cake. All they have here is butter cake. I should probably try baking for Christmas.

  • <cite itemprop="author">Biki</cite>

    Guuurl, what I REALLY need to do from this list is EXERCISE. I have been lax for about 3 months because I was going through an especially tough time and I was just or I’m not taking care of myself. I reach for chocolate instead of fruit…tsigh and I want my body tight for Dec coz there are so many events and its my birthday. I told myself that it starts TODAY, i.e. me doing more exercise or sit ups at the least! Have a lovely wkend ( :

    • <cite itemprop="author">Tega Enai</cite>

      Your body is perfect. Unlike me I don’t think you have to worry if you eat to much. I can even eat a plate of rice and the scale wouldn’t move 😫😫😫😫😫. Very annoying!!! I’m sure if you do your dance routines say 3ce a week you’d be good to go. Thank you!

  • <cite itemprop="author">Lola</cite>

    perfect 🙂

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  • <cite itemprop="author">Fiso Moyo (CPA)</cite>

    Great post, I always put on a few kilos in winter. However I did well this winter as we are now approaching summer where I leave. I was doing indoor video workouts to stay fit and also watched my diet. I am glad I can for in my summer wear.

    • <cite itemprop="author">Tega Enai</cite>

      I can’t even get myself to do indoor workouts. I wish I was half as disciplined as you. I shall get there someday! Thank you.

  • <cite itemprop="author">Idu</cite>

    Baking, baking and more baking for me. Aside from my sweet tooth, I love how the smell of baking fills the house and just reminds us it’s that special time of year. Hot chocolate in front of the fireplace also comes to mind. I’m so thrilled its almost Christmas.

    • <cite itemprop="author">Tega Enai</cite>

      Now I feel like eating something baked 😫😫. But the fear of adding weight wouldn’t let me. Lol. Thank you

  • <cite itemprop="author">Olaitan Bobade</cite>

    So maybe Harmattan is our winter here in Nigeria. Lol. Baking sounds so perfect for me. Cupcakes are everything. Really helpful post.
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    • <cite itemprop="author">Tega Enai</cite>

      Hehe… Harmattan is our winter. Atleast we still feel cold a little.. lol. Y’all wanna bake 😬😬😬. We will all go to the gym together. Thanks darling

  • <cite itemprop="author">Brenda</cite>

    lol @Olabode’s comment… Harmattan is our own winter for real… The only thing is that the day is so hoooooot. Started baking this year and at first my people didn’t like the taste but with time they all ask me when will i bake this or that nah… And me remembering what they did to me, would tell them, ”anytime i like”. lol…

  • <cite itemprop="author">Hadasah Love (Style to Love)</cite>

    Love everything about this post! So cute!
    Love, Hadasah Love | Instagram @hadasahlove

  • <cite itemprop="author">BIng</cite>

    Gurl can we please add sleeping? haha xx Bing.

  • <cite itemprop="author">Precious @ Precious Core</cite>

    Oh man, I love baking during the winter. It keeps the house warm and the aroma from the oven is out of this world. So therapeutic.
    I’m working on exercising more with my kids.
    Thanks for sharing, Tega!

  • <cite itemprop="author">Tc</cite>

    Hmmmmm, Tega Tega!

    Well your site has audience from all over the world so i guess the above is for “to Whom it may concern”. Lol

    As for us this way; omo, i doubt if we give a care in the world about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). We are more concerned with how we are going to buy bag(s) of rice this Xmas among other things shaa.

  • <cite itemprop="author">Pagesbyike</cite>

    I love the aroma of baked good in winter–baked goods and apple cider! So tick, I will be doing that. I’ve found that I exercise more during the winter, it’s so weird. I go out in the snow and everything to the gym. Tick. I was just thinking about painting the other day, we have such a nice view and I really should try and paint it, even if its all amateur-looking. LOL! Thanks for the suggestions, Tega.
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  • <cite itemprop="author">Stephanie</cite>

    Its like you just read my mind. I am planning on baking some meat pies this weekend so wish me luck.x

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