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Irresistible Me Hair Extension Review

I know sooo many of you are seasoned hair extension queens, but I am completely new to trying these babies! I love long big hair, but I always go for the sew in weaves not until recently I decided to wear only wigs considering the fact that I sweat a lot on my scalp during my workouts and being a typical black girl, I can’t really wash my hair with the weave sown it, it’d only make matters worse. #blackgirlproblems. With wigs and extensions I can wash and blow dry my natural hair atleast twice a week.

For some reason I felt clip in extensions aren’t for black girls because of our hair texture, it definitely wouldn’t blend in. But like they say you never know until you try it. So when Irresistible Me contacted me and asked if I wanted to give their hair extensions a try, I decided to take the plunge. After all, these were clip-in extensions, not the kind where you’ll need a salon visit. The hair extension was sent last year so this post is long over due and I’m sorry for just showing you’ll the light. Initially, I was sceptical but life’s too short not to try things out.
So, here’s my Irresistible Me Hair Extensions review.

“The company “Irresistible Me” is a growing brand of 100% natural Remy clip-in hair extensions, hair accessories and hair tools. Irresistible Me specializes in high quality extensions at great prices.”

The Packaging
My Irresistible Me hair extensions came in a small black box with a cute note, packaged in a see-through plastic pouch. Honestly I didn’t know what to expect since it was my first time to try hair extensions, I had no idea that that amount of hair I’d receive and what the packaging would be. But everything was well-packaged and the hair was secured pretty well. No tangles whatsoever when I opened the sealed packet.

How cute is the packaging!!!
We’re into love letters and all that cheesy stuff…#cute
The tiny piece on the right is for initially try out just in case you need to return.

The Hair Extension
I received a silky medium brown in colour 4, I opted for 200g in 24 inches. The extensions are made up of 100% human remy hair. Since they are 100% human remy hair, they can be washed, heat-styled and coloured too. The texture is really soft and silky though a little bit coarser than my hair, which is pretty fine. The 200g is super thick (just the way I like it) and very high quality. I was extremely impressed!! the best part about the hair is the fact that there’s minimal breakage when you comb and brush compared to previous sewn in extensions I have owned! It also smells a bit differently and is tangle free. The extensions themselves have a very easy clip in feature that even a complete novice such like me figured out in a couple of minutes, making clipping them in much easier than expected. Also, I love that it comes in multiple pieces, makes it so convenient for you to place them wherever you like in your head. You are not bound to put in all of them too, just play around with them and figure out your comfort zone with them! And if ever I choose to sew them in I can easily cut out the clips and sew them in whenever it so pleases me.

347The small piece makes it easy to colour test them against your hair. This is so you are able to return or exchange your extensions if necessary without having to actually open up the product because hair extensions are non-refundable if opened. Pretty cool!

I play too much. haha!
When your hair extension is life! #Iplaytoomuch. haha

The Verdict
Overall, I’m in love and highly recommend the irresistible me hair extension! I love the silk and soft texture. I love that it doesn’t really brake, it comes in multiple pieces. It can be washed, curled, coloured and easily styled. I actually wore it up in a bun and it looked absolutely flawless. I wore it for my Christmas, New Year and the Blacked out shoot. I was scared the clips were gonna slip because of the breeze but not even one did.
As a real investment that’ll last you for ages it’s definitely a yes from me! Because weaves/extensions are really investments.

After… Yes I have dimples!

As you can see Irresistible Me hair extension transformed for me in minutes into gorgeous, sexy & fab. Who can resist me now?
Check them out at:
Irresistible Me YouTube

Photo Credit: Lekan


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  1. Black girls problems indeed but we still do rock! Girl, wigs are my best friend because ain’t nobody got time to be sweating while working out and scratching like hell under sewn on weaves that can’t come off. Now these hair extensions are giving me life because one can take them off and clip them on as they damn well please. I love those extensions from irresistible me, you look vivacious with them and those photos are the bomb!! xoxo!

  2. I don’t have any experience with weaves or clip on extensions so this post was more of an education for me. I don’t have anything against them I just feel like my hair is long enough for my taste. Also, if I’m being real, I don’t think I have the patience to sort it all out on my head either. Haha.


  3. Nice shots! I do not think it’s the hair product that brings the shine! I am of the opinion that the shine comes from within. Of course, a subjective view! Nonetheless, the hair product does add a finishing touch! Wink wink. Live fully in the moment!

  4. Beautiful strategic marketing, the hair looks natural and slik. sweety you are intelligent and beautiful. #You don’t have dimples though. #lol

  5. Glad to see you liked this extensions. I’ll be honest, I’m so much more of a weave/tracks girl than a clip-in girl, I used to wear clip-ins daily and found that I was too lazy for them haha, these look pretty great though, so I may just have to jump back in that wave.

  6. You look fab with your extensions hon, and more importantly, one cant tell they are clip ons! This was my main fear when I started hearing the word Clip On Extensions been thrown around…my sis uses them, as my cousin and they do seem like a healthy alternative to weaves in the sense that they pull less on your hairline and you can take them on and off to suit your lifestyle/fitness regime etc. Have a good Mon hon! ( :

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