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Clutch it

clutchesThe right accessories contribute immensely in making or breaking your outfit. From neck pieces to hats, it is important to create balance by accessorizing right which in turn transform ones outfit from ‘just there’ to chic. One accessory that have been a fashion staples for decades is the clutch purse. These small gorgeous clutches comes in variety of style/size and holds some basic necessary items, including a few make-up retouch essentials, cash, keys, credit cards, and perhaps a cellphone. What more does a girl need to carry? These are the basics!

Clutches are one of those items you ask yourself if ‘to spend or not to spend’ because it might not seem practical for the most myriad reasons; it cant hold more than the basic stuffs. However,  they are the cutest and most versatile fashion items ever. So, when selecting a clutch you should choose pieces that are versatile enough to be worn with different outfit or purchase several different colours and style at very affordable prices to ensure there is one to go with everything.  I would certainly choose option 2. Buy them in every colour!!!!

Finding a purse that looks great for every outfit in the right colour, size and AFFORDABLE is not that simple. If this that has been your situation you are in the right place because your dream purse is just one click away.  So let me introduce you to a clutch heaven. Thank me later!  

Sammy dresses is an online store that sells  a variety of inexpensive clutches in different shapes, forms and sizes. Awesome init!

Below are my picks and they are all below £10

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