20 Places to share your blog posts after publishing

Virtually every blogger dream is to wake up to thousands of views, but sorry to tell you hunay – those views wouldn’t automatically increase: people will not magically land on your blog without you seriously promoting your blog posts. Your work has only begun once you hit the “Publish” button – now, it’s time to share your blog posts to the thousands of potential views that will come from promoting on different platforms.


20 places to share your blog posts after publishing


A general rule is that you should spend twice as much time promoting your post, as you do creating it.


Promoting yourself is the only way to get “out there”. If you don’t do it, nobody else will. Millions of people are vying for attention online and you have to be just as aggressive as they are! Choke your friends, family, social media – Ok, I’m joking! Just try not to be annoying.


I remember a few of my family and friends complained about getting my new post broadcast on what’s app and BBM and as if that’s not enough I still tag them on Facebook. Lol I had to respect their wishes and remove them from either my BBM or what’s app broadcast list. I thought that approach was aggressive but with the results I was getting it wasn’t aggressive enough.


Truth is, No matter how great your content is, it needs to be found by people who are interested in what you have to say. SO, if you want to drive massive traffic or increase your blog’s visibility like whoa, then you need to plan, focus, and commit to that goal.


OK… with that being said, here are 20 places to share your posts and promote it to live up to its fullest potential!


20 Places to share your blog posts

  1. Facebook Page
  2. Facebook groups
  3. Twitter
  4. Google+
  5. Google+ Communities
  6. Fiverr
  7. Instagram
  8. What’s app and BBM
  9. Quora Blogs (Answer questions on Quora and other question answering websites)
  10. Scoop it
  11. Pinterest
  12. Pinterest Group Boards
  13. Tumblr
  14. Slideshare
  15. Your Email List
  16. Digg
  17. Reddit
  18. Delicious
  19. StumbleUpon
  20. Nairaland (For my Nigerian readers – It’s surprisingly a huge source of traffic)


Like this list? Take a second and download it from my resource library for future reference, and then use the share buttons below to share it with your blogger friends – they’ll thank you and hopefully me for it!

20 places to share your blog posts after publishing checklist

If you share your posts in at least 10 of this places, you will increase your traffic and publish more successful posts. You should make it a habit to spend at least 50% of your time promoting your content. You don’t have to share on all, find which best works for your niche, try to understand how it works and create a schedule to make it easy. Just google them, register for free and start sharing.


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In conclusion, keep in mind that this is tedious as hell but if you want your site to grow, if you want to increase your reach, get out there, find your target audience and help them out solving their problems and hopefully they will come back to your blog again and perhaps subscribe to your email list.
I hope that you find the list above helpful and as always, please share, share share.


Are there any other online resources you use to share your blog posts? Leave a comment below with your recommendations!



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    • 😂😂😂😂… really annoying o! I was just telling myself that the day has almost ended and I haven’t promoted my last 2 posts 😫😫😫😫… I wish I had someone to do it for me. Because I’m not just in the mood.

    • Ahh me I don’t even care… I’ll tell you I’m sorry but if you don’t want my BCs kindly delete me or block me. It’s not by force. But people have stopped complaining really… my what’s app list has 256 numbers, I have like 115 people on bbm that I don’t even talk too. So that’s 371 from Bbm and whatsapp already… atleast 50 people will click. I know how frustrating it can get. But believe me – you’ll see the results if you share in the right places. Target your niche on this social media platforms and you’d get great results. Don’t delete your blog oooo….

  1. Promoting a post is actually a struggle. To me, creating content is simpler. I agree with Kachee, why can’t they just find my blog miraculously. Most times, I’m saddled with thoughts like, “hope I’m not being a disturbance?” which is so frustrating. But there are things one must do to succeed. Thanks for the list. Quora blogs- never thought of that, considering the fact that I read from there regularly.

    • For real… writing content is way easier.. Annoying part is you don’t just share the post after you hit publish.. you have to keep promoting it from time to time. I wish there was an automated plugin … where you can choose all the platforms you want to promote on that shares your post as soon as you publish… that will be soooo amazing! A life save for that mater. I discovered quora and never looked back. The last question I answered has over 750 views… and of course you give them just a summary and leave the link to your post below. A very good source of getting traffic.

    • It does help but it’s not enough. SEO is just for search engines really. Let me use Pinterest for example. It’s always one of the 5 suggestions to come up on google search. 1000+ pins about so so and so….. so if you’ve previously shared your post on Pinterest, your post might be among the 1000+ pins. 😊😊😊😊

      Thanks for the suggestion dear

  2. The comments are very funny 😂 delete blog….

    Pulling traffic is not really easy I must say.. But i found out that stupid thing pull more traffic then the real thing.. Honestly I also find it disturbing receiving links all the time 😂 mostly from someone I don’t talk to.. That’s BTW.. But guys blogging is what you live for.. Your passion.. You have to keep doing it inasmuch as it disturbs people like us 😂 don’t delete your blog keep disturbing us till you get to greatness..

    BTW mama how much are you willing to pay I promote.. ☺

    • 😂😂😂😂😂 You think to Blog is beans. Me I don’t cucu send anybody. You either support me or don’t. Just delete or block yourself 😬😬😬…. abi ooo… we will keep disturbing you people oo 👯👯👯…
      Better start promoting the blog. You’ll be paid when the blog reaches greatness 😬😬

  3. First of all, on a completly unrelated topic- we were both born in the North! Just found that out via one of your fab comments! I dont speak Hausa though, my sisters can as they schooled there. I think its a biiiiiutiful language, my fav of all Naija languages. When a man speaks it, if he looks right, he can get it. Ok back to topic at hand. I am soooo going to save this post to come back to it coz I am having MAJOR problems in this area. As they say blogging is 20% writing and 80% marketing, and that 80% is tricky. I use some of these platforms but wonder how effective they are really. Google Analytics tells me that Instagram aint that great for leads but I stay on it coz its great for contact, building r/ships, showing my stylist work…I signed on to Reddit, published one post and was like- I cant be bothered with this. Too many strands and sections. I’d love to know who it works for. I’m trying to crack Google+….I am yet to find a good Facebook book. I am on the same one you are the Fashion, Lifestyle etc and sooooo many people when they publish posts, dont get up to one Like, so I’m like does anyone actually click those links.
    I’d love to meet you to have a chat about this as you have relaunched your blog and can see you are charging forward so would be interesting to know what’s working for you. ( :

    • Yasss for the Hausa men!! They always look good.. and i find the Hausa accent (not the very conc accent though) with English extremely sexy 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈. Lol
      For Reddit, just click on new bookmark … but Reddit doesn’t have any section for fashion so I use Reddit mostly for my motivational posts. They’re all quiet confusing initially, for digg, scoop it and stumble up… I just google digg ‘submit link’ and it brings up the direct link to the submit in the search results. Instagram isn’t really a great source of traffic… only few will take the time and go to your bio to click the link..For Facebook, I get most of my traffic from FB…. so I joined a lot of FB groups as well as Google + communities. Depending on my post, I share in this groups…. Just study your analytics and see what works for you. I’ve been getting some clicks from stumble upon and scoop it 👯👯👯 to think i was almost giving up on them. We could have a Skype conversation 😊😊😘😘😘

  4. Promoting is the key if you want to grow ur audience and your blog and at the same time it’s so much work and kind a annoying sometime I just want someone to do it at my place haha
    Thank for this post, useful as always !

  5. I just had to comment.
    Great post. And very helpful. I think I would just tick them till I find one that works for me. The hard part is actually promoting it. As per social media I am as inactive as can be on Facebook even on my personal page. Twitter is just there even though I have an account. Besides very few people know that I have a blog. So that’s another issue.
    Thanks for this.

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  6. “Content is king but promotion is queen and she wears the pants.” Read something like that on and it is true!
    I just wanted to be a writer but I quickly discovered that for my blog to succeed, I needed some social marketing skills. So I had to learn how to share. I mostly share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Still trying to understand Stumble Upon.
    I find that trying to master all the sharing platforms could be overwhelming so it helps to master one at a time then add others with time.
    Lol at you sharing on What’s App, BBM and still tagging your friends and family! We need to be aggressive sometimes. Thank you for sharing!

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