The ultimate blog post checklist: 15 things you need to check before publishing any blog post

If you’re a blogger, then I think we can both agree — writing blog posts ain’t a joke. If you have started to blog that’s awesome, but there are a lot of things you need to do before publishing a blog post.
Spending at least 4 hours on a post is exhausting and considering that you need to spend another 1-2 hours promoting is nerve wracking. My reaction most times is can I just get done with this post and move on. Arrggghhh!!!! You know this feeling.


15 things to check before publishing any blog post

But honestly, spending a few more minutes to make some checks before publishing your post is a good routine every blogger should follow before and after publishing blog posts.

You don’t have to be the most organised person in the world but you should follow this routine;

• High quality content
• Better SEO optimisation

To avoid
• Unconsciously hitting publish instead of ‘save draft’ or ‘schedule’ (happened to me a few times)
• Broken links
• WordPress sending a new post notification to email subscribers when the post is not complete

As a Blogger we miss out many things before you publish your blog post which can be avoidable if your follow this guide;

15 Things you should do before publishing a blog post

1. Keyword Research

Your keyword is the most important aspect of your blog post. You blog posts should be informative – do not forget you’re not writing for writing sake but you’re writing: For people to learn, to solve a problem and to inspire your readers.

15 things to do before publishing a blog post

More importantly, you have to show search engines that your blog is a relevant resource for people searching for information about your topic/industry. You can only do this by using for the right keywords.

There are different tools you can use to research for keywords and to find new blog posts ideas. Google is your friend, my friend! Just do a little research. I shall have a blog post for this topic soon. So stay tuned!

Do not forget to add your keyword to:
• Post title
• Headings
• Body of your article
• Images
• Meta Description

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2. Write a catchy and persuasive blog title

There are a thousand other articles with the same topic you’ve written – I believe you are aware of how competitive the blogosphere is thanks to the thousands of blogs springing up daily. Your title is what persuades your blog readers and potential readers to click through.

In fact, blog post title accounts for up to 50% of your blog post’s effectiveness! If your title fails to catch a reader’s attention, they’ll simply scroll on past to something more interesting.

The title of your blog post should briefly highlight what the article will cover and why it’s important or how it will benefit the reader. Do not forget to add your keyword to your title.
Bad Title: A black dress
Good Title: How to wear a black dress for any occasion


3. Add Internal and External Links

15 things to do before publishing a blog post

This is basically adding your links from your old posts or external posts that’s relevant to the body of your article. Deep linking not only improves the overall quality of the post, it also give readers more information about your topic. They also get to spend more time reading the referred post that should also have links to other posts – the reading goes on and on. Awesome right! A good example is Cassie Daves blog and Kacheetee’s blog. They’re a geniuses in deep linking.


4. Optimize your post for SEO

SEO is very important as it’s one of the main source of traffics. This post ‘SEO Basics for Bloggers: How to optimise your blog for search engines’ will give you detailed information in how to optimize your content for SEO. It takes only a few minutes.


5. Set your featured Image


6. Your post length should be at least 300 words

7. Preview the post to make sure the formatting is correct. Always hit preview and test your links first.


8. Add your post into categories and add relevant tags to the post.

You should download this plugin to suggest and automatically add tags for your article. It is a life saver!


15 things to do before publishing a blog post


9. Include images and videos (if necessary) and do not forget to add your keywords to the title, description and alt attribute

10. Add a signature to the bottom of your post if you use one


11. Add “tweetable” quotes that links to your post

[clickToTweet tweet=”The ultimate blog post checklist: 15 things you need to do before publishing any blog post” quote=”The ultimate blog post checklist: 15 things you need to do before publishing any blog post” theme=”style2″]

12. Divide up text into smaller sections with headings.


13. Design your blog graphics and do not forget to rename them to your blog post title



14. Check it twice – Proofread your work and have someone proofread for you if you have doubts

15. Conclude with a question to encourage discussion

There’s nothing more exciting than getting new comments and hearing my reader’s perspective, share their ideas and contribution to my articles. It encourages we bloggers to write better contents. Also add call to action boxes to encourage your readers perform an action. For example, click on the image below to download my “15 things to check before publishing any blog post checklist. You also get full access to my resource library . ( This is not an example o… Please click to download! lol.)


15 things you should check before publishing any blog post


P:S – Are you familiar with the power of checklists? A checklists is an ultimate time-saving tool, It makes sure you don’t forget anything (even if you’re moving very quickly). And guess what?
They’re also an incredibly powerful tool for writing flawless blog posts.
So, please download every check list and other resources from my resource library to make sure you’re on track.

And you’re done. Now Go ahead and hit “publish”


What other steps do you suggest to do before hitting publish? Would you like to add anything to this list? Feel free to suggest any tips if I’ve missed.



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  1. Hi Tega,

    A very insightful post, I learned a lot from this, thank you for sharing.

    I really have to find the patience for post promotion, it makes sense to attract one’s audience.

    Lol… That mistake of hitting publish instead of save draft is soooo annoying, it’s happened to me a few times. 🙂

  2. Your blogging posts are always loaded. I enjoyed reading this. Oh, Kachi is a master at linking back to posts. She does it beautifully.
    I can somehow feel the hard work you put into this post. Welldone babe and keep them coming.

  3. Very insightful post and great tips. Binge reading the blogging 101 sections all day and already learning so much. I just sort of started my blog over again, so I am finding these very resourceful. Thanks for sharing!

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