5 Essential Investents you should make for your blog


Making investments on your blog is not a waste of money in any way.

The money that you spend on building your blog and promoting it is actually going to come back right into your pocket after sometime if you do the things the right way.

5 investments you should make for your blog

So, if you’re thinking of setting up a blog – or you’re a blogger and you’re looking to improve your online space – Making any kind of blog investment can be a huge step and even a risky one, but totally worth the hassle.

Here are 5 of the most important investments you can make for your blog to keep you organised, inspired and on top of your blogging game.

1. Buy a domain name

The first investment you should make for your blog is purchasing a domain name. While there are free domains available, I highly suggest otherwise. By purchasing a domain name, you take out the ‘’, ‘’ or whatever platform you use.

Not only does look more professional, there are also practical benefits to having your own domain name. You can set up a custom email address, and there are great SEO benefits.

2. Get self hosted

When you’re using a free service to host your blog, like or, there are limitations on how much you can customize the look of your site all the way to the overall functionality of your site. When you use a free service, you don’t own anything! You can wake up one morning and your blog has been deleted. Yes, shit happens! So invest in a self hosted blogging platform.

3. Purchase a responsive theme

Another one of the most important investments you should make for your blog is a well-designed responsive theme. Having a good design makes your blog look more professional, and it also makes it more user-friendly for visitors. Although, there are good, functional free themes available for use, but with free options comes design and customization limitations.

There are a thousand of Premium Themes to choose from and this could be rather confusing. Trust me you can get indecisive. So you should look out for functionality, customization, support and how easy it is to navigate and edit. Another thing to consider is hiring a developer – you can contact me for blog design services.

4. Invest in a camera

When it comes to blogging, your photos can be just as important as your writing. It is cheaper to own your personal camera than hiring a photographer.  Don’t worry if you don’t know much about photography – you’ll learn on the job or better still, attend a free photography class online or ask a photographer friend to assist you.

Depending on what you’re photographing, sometimes your phone’s camera is perfect. I use my iPhone 6 plus camera sometimes and the pictures come out great. Remember to do your research and find a camera that best fits your budget and your current and future blogging goals.

5. Invest in blog consultation services and courses

Its best to get the right information about blogging before you set in foot. Blog consultation services will give you the basic information you need to know on how to grow a successful blog right from the on set. For this reason, I launched my Blog Consulting services as I know you guys could use some help in growing your blogs further. I’m ready to take some load off your shoulders!

With blogging, the learning never ends. There are tons of resources out there that are jam-packed full of actionable information to help yourself grow as a blogger. However, you need to be careful and do your research when deciding to purchase an e-course from a blogger. There are also tons of free resources you can get from bloggers – trust me when I say this are extremely helpful. You can check my resource library to download some kick ass resources.

Bonus….. Invest in time

Do let me know what other essential blog investments you can or you have made for your blog.


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