The Dawn of a New Beginning

There’s something about the first week in January, you could feel the freshness and softness of morning breeze blowing through your hair, the warmth of the golden sun shining through the environs. The serenity feels total different! A fresh delicate odor and serenity is borne with the New Year and for some bizarre reason, you feel like old things have passed away and everything have become new. For a moment, the city feels calm, the hustling and bustling is on hold. It feels like your stop button has been activated and you realize that 365 days just passed by. You go through your 2014 “New Year Resolution” which died an early death in the 2nd week of January. Now is time reminisce, a time for sober reflection, a moment of “I can’t believe its 2015 already: was I asleep all the while?” Then the questions start coming in:

What did I achieve last 365 days?

Was it a good or bad year?

Were the lows more than the highs?

What happened to me achieving my goals this year?

Did I just make plans and crossed my leg waiting for them to be achieved?

Was did I constantly ask myself same question everyday: how do I achieve this goal, how do I make a difference’?

Or did I just give silly excuses to console my “talk no do” syndrome: Oh! I have no resources, I have no connections, I am not privileged, I have no this and I have that.

Or was I part of the procrastination bandwagon? (Am so guilty)! : Am too lazy, I just can’t deal: I would do it tomorrow, I will do it on Monday; and that’s how I never did it *sigh

Above all, what happened to 2014 being “MY YEAR”?

Then Voila! Its 2015, you back to writing same New Year resolutions and goals of 2012, 2013, and 2014 to be achieved this year. Now 2015 is the year (again), there’s no stopping me and what’s is and what’s not (Lol). My dear, no body stopped you before, you stopped yourself. It’s time to turn a new leaf. No time for: and that’s how the year went by and am still here, but whose fault is it anyway? YOURS! It’s a New Year, dare to differ this time around, make the change and your life would never remain the same: Say NO to:

Procrastination, silly excuses, underestimating your potential, negativity etc.

It should be positive vibes only this year, hang around people that motivates your to do better.

No more starting and letting go! I can and I would kinda spirit!

2015 is definitely the year, so stand by it: work hard and trust God harder and you shall see his signs and wonders in your life.

Cheers to making the different this year. Cheers to discovering your purpose maximizing your potential this year!


By his grace, as we embark on this new journey, we shall all come back by the end of this year to share our highlights.

Have a great year!




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