Its amazing how people do the unbelievable just to attain riches. Money indeed is the root of evil! irrespective we all want to live the “good life”, But literal speaking, whats the good life without money? even when we try to justify ourselves by saying money cant by buy happiness and what not after all there people living below their means and are still happy but trust me,  give them money and watch their level of happiness increase [wp-svg-icons icon=”wink” wrap=”i”] [wp-svg-icons icon=”happy-2″ wrap=”i”] #truestory. In my opinion, they are embracing their situation, they are grateful about being alive which is the right thing to do.

“In everything give thanks…” (1 Thessalonians 5: 18)

Unfortunately, humans are insatiable so even the rich wants to get richer (between, the poor are getting poorer) by every means possible, we place all our hope/trust in money that it has become the Messiah for many people, they are focused on the now and have forgotten the  life after death. Ain’t a bad thing to hustle and all, but do not go the extra mile just because you want the world to see you, you want to belong! you wanna gain cheap popularity and feel important with yourself. Dearie, once you gone everything you’ve worked so hard for both legally and illegally remains here, the painful part is the people you wanted to show off for remembers for a like 24hrs and forgets you forever! so why go through all the stress? [wp-svg-icons icon=”confused-2″ wrap=”i”]. Anyway, the moral of the story is “Trusting in worldly possessions is futile. You cannot take possessions with you when you die, and they cannot buy forgiveness from sin”.

So please, instead of trying to impress the world, focus on what matters most. GOD! Don’t count on wealth and physical comforts to keep you happy because you would never have enough wealth to keep you from dying. Amazing thing is, at the moment of death we are all equal both rich and poor are naked and empty handed before God. The only riches we have at that time are those we already invested in our eternal heritage.  At the time of death, each of us will wish we had invested less on earth, where we must leave it, and more in heaven, where we will retain it forever. To have a treasure in heaven, we must place our faith in God, pledge ourselves to obey him, and utilize our resources for the good of his kingdom.

This is a good time to check up on your investments and see where you have invested the most. Then do whatever it takes to place your investments where they really count.

Ask yourself this questions:

Am i doing it for God or for the world?

Doing it for God means you maximizing the potential he has given to you. You living a life of purpose!  and using that potential to impact the world rather than impressing the world. Just so you know, people would remember you for the impact you’ve made and not for the flashy cars, the designer cloths and exotic locations you show off.

Hustle! Live the dream! Make the world a better place!

(This post was inspired by psalm 49 verses 1-20 and the life application bible. You should get it if you trying to understand the word better as it is a study bible that explains every verse).




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