Monday Motivation: 5 essential tips to stay motivated and make it count in 2017

It’s 23 days into the New Year already, can you believe that? Ready to make 2017 count? Perhaps, you’re already losing focus on your goals and probably wondering how you’ll stay motivated long enough to actually accomplish them.

5 essential tips to stay motivated this year and make 2017 count

On those tough days, you have a choice: You can either keep your chin up or move forward, or you can quit. Unfortunately, the tendency for most people is the latter option. You have to owe it to yourself that you wouldn’t get sidetracked with conquering your to-do-list. Your number one goal is to challenge yourself. You’re not a quitter so do not quit.

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Staying motivated―and achieving what you set out to do each passing day―is surprisingly possible. Ever wondered how highly successful people maintain their motivation and continue to chase their toughest goals through an entire year?
Just follow these 5 steps, and watch yourself actualise your biggest ambitions.

#1 Keep a success board

A success board could be a white board, a card board paper, a chalk board or even a piece of paper somewhere visible – where you can capture your achievements, add your victories, special moments or perhaps hitting a milestone of some sort as the year goes by. Seeing your accomplishments in one spot gives you great self-confidence, motivation, and a sense of progress. It reminds you of the successes you’ve achieved so far. You will be surprised at how motivating seeing your own successes can be.

5 essential tips to stay motivated and make it count in 2017

“It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop.” — Confucius

#2 Eliminate Procrastination

I once read that procrastination is the mother of all evil and like every other nonchalant human I ignored it until I started realising the setbacks I faced due to procrastination. It is more than a bad habit – It will grow in you like a virus and eat you alive like cancer. It can completely destroy your spirit, dull your senses, and mute your dreams by putting off for tomorrow what should be done today. This is the number one ailment to sap our motivation. If you want to stay motivated and achieve your dreams, you have to eliminate procrastination from your life. It’s not easy. But it’s necessary.

Essential tips to stay motivated this year

#3 Cut out distractions

Just as the bible says, if your right hand will cause you to stumble, cut it off – the same is applicable to achieving your goals. Are you spending hours on the internet, television, your cell phone, playing games or socializing? Is it in anyway going to help you achieve your goals? If your answer is NO then cut them off.


If you’re serious about your goals, then you have to get serious about proper time management. Have it in the back of your mind that time waits for no man, time is precious, time is money – you should learn to discipline yourself and set a balance to everything. To put it simple, limit some of your social time, or any other thing that can interrupt you and just focus. I mean, social media, games, movies and what not ain’t running away. Have you ever thought that people are actually making a fortune from you wasting your time on this distractions??? Well, that’s the sad truth. Create a balance!

#4 Find Inspiration

Personally, I get motivation from reading motivational books and listening to motivational talks. I am still trying to make it a habit of listening to a motivational message every morning. YouTube is a great resource amongst so many others out there – hearing another person’s success story makes you realise that they have faced and conquered the same challenges that you’re are probably facing right now. This is a great way to avoid losing motivation. If they can succeed, why can’t we?

#5 The God Factor

God created us in his image and his likeness, he created you to share his potential. When He took you out of Himself, He automatically gave you the ability to be creative and imaginative. You share God’s potential to plan, design, and bring dreams into reality. That’s why God is constantly challenging you to ask Him for the impossible. The possible is no fun for God. He’s already done that. It’s the ideas, plans, and objectives the world hasn’t seen yet that God wants you to do. I need you to believe that with God, you can and you will. He said you should ask and you shall receive – ask him to keep you motivated and he will because with God all things are possible. So, never for once doubt yourself or your abilities.

howessential tips to stay motivated this year

Bonus tips includes

• Find a mentor
• Make a daily to-do list
• Create a weekly plan
• Visualize your future
• Revisit your goals
• Try something new, exciting and challenging
• Relax your mind and body
• Reward yourself
• Have fun wisely – emphases on wisely. All works without play makes jack a dull boy
• Find a partner to be accountable to.
• Lastly, do not give up – Rome wasn’t built in a day. You will get there slowly, but surely.

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What is your motivation on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest? What are you doing to stay motivated to achieving your 2017 goals?


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  1. Nice post and tips
    I do positive talking to myself
    It helps a lot to boost and motivate me for the day
    Thanks for sharing these tips


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