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It’s unbelievable how people are quick to judge others in this our generation. Not like they even know you from Adam but they are usually the first to jump into conclusion. They downcast you as though they know you more than you know yourself. If you one of those people it’s not too late to repent otherwise your judgment is waiting for you. But if unfortunately, you are a victim! Please and please do not listen to the voice of such people. The bible calls them “accusers of the brethren”. Their mission is to make you live a guilty and condemned life. God Forbid!

Such people constantly bring accusations against us, they tell us what we didn’t do or what we should have done, they remind us of all our past mistakes and failures.

Granted, no one is perfect! We have all sinned, failed and made mistakes. But God is his infinite mercies is able to forgive us if only we ask because he is a God of second chance. We know this yet many people or victims allow themselves to be beaten up inside. They tune into that voice telling them, “You failed”, “You blew it”. Then they give for self-rejection.

They walk round feeling guilty, condemned and extremely disconnected from themselves. They go through the day without Joy, without confidence, expecting the worst and often receiving it. They get so hard on themselves instead of believing they’re growing and improving, they believe that voice telling them, “You can’t be a better person”, “You can’t do anything right”.

If we want to live a well fulfilled and peaceful life, we must learn to listen to our own voice. The voice that says: “I may not be perfect, but I know I’m growing. I may have made mistakes, but I know I am forgiven. And as long as you’re doing your best and desire to do even better be rest assured that God is pleased with you. Don’t allow those condemning voices to repeatedly play in your mind. It would only accentuate a negative attitude inside towards yourself. Don’t make the mistake of dwelling in those lies, not for a moment. As long as you’re doing your best there’s no need to live condemned, even when you make mistakes and fail. Let the past be past, let it only be a lesson because you cannot not change it.

Now’s the time to shake it off and press forward. Don’t wallow in condemnation: Just constantly remind yourself that you are not perfect! You are bound to make mistakes, though not on purpose. You have weaknesses, regardless you would constantly thrive to do better.

When you have this kind of attitude, you take away the lethal power of the accuser. He only controls you when you believe his life.

Choose to listen to your own voice.




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