Life will happen regardless: So deal with it

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Dear Society,


Permit me to inspire you a little bit. I promise it won’t be your cliche kind of motivational lines hanging around your kitchen drawers or bathroom doors and mirrors. I put this across to you because I am a man who’s recently learned a few lessons not to be drawn to surprises anymore. Life will happen regardless.


In February of this year I wrote a letter of encouragement to a good friend of mine who was going through tough time, and in return she thanked me, telling me how much she appreciated my gesture before sending me a few lines that will form the fabric of this article. Below was an excerpt from that letter.


Dear Suzan (real name changed), today I attempted something crazy and unbelievable considering the fact that my friend said I’d gone insane to even think about it. I thought it was a challenge, so I took it, pinched myself, bite my lips, woke up in the morning at 6 am and started running. 16k from silicon oasis to Al wasl club in Dubai all by myself. 1hr 30 mins nonstop.

I was scared the whole time. The highway was filled with the usual February fog. I kept telling myself, what if something happens to me, what if I fall and die due to taste. I had no water on me. Halfway through my race, I figured these were not my words but my demons trying to fight me every bit of the way; telling me I couldn’t do it. Before now I hadn’t attempted anything of such, always procrastinating and telling myself when the right time came I would give it a try.

Suzy, there’s nothing out there that can stop us if we keep pushing our limits.

That Morning, The road looked so lonely and It felt like those demons would come out literally from the bushes to stop me. The cars on the road didn’t help. Sounds of moving vehicles kept sounding like voices from the pit of hell. My legs started losing power. I told myself there was no one here to rescue me if I stopped. The alternative was to run and yes I did. My whole body dripped with sweat and I realize those voices started leaving me when I failed to stop. At some point, I felt like I was floating and it felt so normal. I Came all the way to my destination and it was like I had been cut through with a knife.


I am writing this to encourage you and to tell you this morning my head is as light as paper and I can’t hear a negative word telling me this or telling me that because I emptied everything on that road when I ran. You have to keep fighting and pushing. Go out for a run… Run Suzy get up and run and let those demons be out. Read a book. I can recommend a good one.


Now, this sounds pretty good for a motivational letter and no doubt will encourage one or two persons out there to be strong in whatever they are going through. But is that always the case? The letter was missing something. A few days later my friend would come back with her questions.

[blockquote text=”When people say you have to do this, you have to do that, or you have to be positive and all that, why don’t they tell you how?” show_quote_icon=”yes” border_color=”#fcc056″]

1. How can I be positive
2. How can I believe in myself
3. How can I Move on
4. What if I can’t get out of bed and face the morning.
5. Everyone tells you what to do but no one tells you how to do it


I was taken aback since I didn’t see it coming. Truth is I didn’t have the answers to these questions. I sat down the whole time and thought about it. Realizing that I’d failed to see beyond my great fit of accomplishment even though I had good intentions for her. Using my solo triumph as a benchmark to define what it is she could do to be happy or achieve whatever she wanted in life.


If I knew better, I would have written differently. I would have written telling her that we are all different and if I said I understood what she was going through I would be telling a lie. I would have told her there’s no one best way of tackling a problem. We could read a million self-help books and still won’t get solutions to our problems. Do yoga, listen to a particular genre of music, do different forms of exercises and still won’t get the madness out of our head. I would tell her sometimes life happens and in as much as we try our best to solve our problems, in the midst of it all, is to consciously enjoy life… That would be my best responds. Do stuff that will give you joy, that will give you pleasure without necessarily dwelling on the issue at hand.


I wanted to tell her to just believe in yourself, move on, be positive. But these are what we hear regularly while we still come back to the same spot.


This is what I know for sure; as much as it’s not bad to encourage each other through stories, motivational books, music and find solutions to life’s troubles. life will happen regardless. This life is just one and I’m doing everything I can to live it and not just exist in it. I believe you should do the same, cause your problems are not the only things in this world you should be facing.


You have life
Enjoy it and consciously do that regardless.


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  1. This was so motivating and I also believe in the power of sharing…you never know who can draw strength from it, we all say we are fine with smiles plastered on our faces but whats really going on we never know. So for no reason reach out to people, talk about your experience how you came over it, what kept your head above water, how hard it was etc. and yes best live life and dont try to control everything cos we will actually try to understand them also and while doing that forget to live. try ask these questions instead;
    1. am I where I used to be?
    2. If I have made it this far whats stopping me from moving past where I am now?
    3. If I have the means to do this, then what am I waiting for?
    4. Then read this from the book of truths Jer. 29: 11-14

  2. You have life, enjoy it and consciously do that regardless. Beautiful write up 👌👌👌. I am definitely and consciously enjoying this life regardless 😊.

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