Happy Women’s Day

A lot of people see womanhood from different perspectives, I believe being a woman signifies strength. A woman embraces all that is beautiful, one that should be adored just as this saying depicts, “behind the success of every man there is a woman,” buttresses the fact a woman is blessed with strength, you can call it divine or natural because the strength finds you one way or the other. I have been opportune to be with lots of women and I can say that to be a woman is to embrace all the complexity that comes with it.

Culturally, it is perceived that women are the weaker sex, and draws out various characteristics which are different from that of men, varying from factors such as; physical, mental, biological and reproductive. These are inborn and inbuilt from the time a mother conceives a female child. In this present time, being a woman is having the ability to make an impression, married or not, with kids or without kids and from my point of view, it’s that stage when your turning 25 and you have to explain to everyone the reason why you aren’t married or in a serious relationship yet. It’s being willing to be under a man and enjoy things like taking care of the kids, cooking and doing other household chores without appearing weak and vulnerable, being a woman embraces all the specs of motherhood.

In the circle of motherhood, a woman personifies sacrifice. It’s being able to do without so your children don’t have to and you’re okay with it. It’s building  self-esteems, supporting dreams and loving unconditionally, no matter with it cost. It’s letting go of yourself because you realise its no longer about you and creating room for someone else or some other people, unrelenting selflessness  is just the phrase I would use.
As we celebrate the International women’s day, let’s all acknowledge that womanhood is the one of the greatest gifts from nature, and to all women out there, It might seem difficult, but have it mind that you are bestowed with the natural strength to conquer all odds.

Most importantly let us SUPPORT each other!
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