21 Days Consistency Challenge | June 17th – July 7th

21 Days Consistency Challenge!


The feedback from my last post HERE about being consistent and how it is a major key to being successful and achieving your goals shows that consistency is one of the few qualities not many of us possess.
From the poll result, the majority of you agreed that a consistency challenge is a great idea and would love to participate.

so here we go;

What about a challenge that will really challenge you to be better?

Do you want to become consistent in something?

Do you want to achieve a goal that you know needs a consistent effort every day but can’t get the momentum to start?

Do you have great intentions to create a new habit but just can’t stick with it?

21 Days Consistency Challenge

Let’s face it, if you want success in anything, you have to be consistent.

Whether you want to lose weight, quit a bad habit, blog successfully, start a business, post regularly on your social media campaigns or get fit, none of it can be achieved in just one surge of effort… a consistent behavior is the key to success.


Join the consistency challenge and keep doing that one or several things you need to reach your goal for 21 days!

Breaking down any challenge into easy small steps is the secret to any success and I am here to show you how.

Over the course of the challenge, you will be receiving from me:

1. A personalized calendar for June 17th to July 7th based on what you want to work on
2. You’ll receive worksheets, forms, trackers, and bonus materials to keep you consistent and moving towards your goal.
3. You’ll receive 1 personalized email a day directly into your inbox with that day’s part of the challenge.
4. Inspiring articles to help you get to the heart of your consistency issues and make lasting changes.
5. A consistency workbook that walks you through the steps to create a plan that will help you to succeed.
6. A private Facebook group of like-minded people holding you accountable on your journey.
7. Messages to keep you on track.
8. Daily check-in threads.

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Don’t waste another day beating yourself up. Get the tools and support you need to make a lasting change today.

Join me for the free 21 days consistency challenge and start achieving your goals.

Interested? Sign up below for this FREE challenge

Entry closes on the 13th of June

21 days consistency challenge


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