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Launched in January 2015 as a medium to communicate with the world, share my passion for fashion, lifestyle and a way to help, inspire and motivate people. is a digital destination for millennial women where I share my personal style, bits and pieces of my life and basically everything in between in hope to provide practical solutions and motivation to accomplish your dreams and goals for personal growth and development.


You’ve somehow found yourself on this blog and now you’re probably wondering why you should spend the next five to ten minutes reading what I have to say. I totally understand - I assure you this is not your regular fashion & lifestyle blog and not an utter waste of your precious time.

What will you find on

Here, you will find a collection of all things lovely, including my personal style, fashion tips, motivational talk, DIYs , beauty & home remediesfood & fitness, blogging tips and a little bit of personal stuff/lifestyle thrown in. My goal is to create a space for you to get away for a little bit and relax. I hope you enjoy your time here, get inspired and learn something new each time you visit the blog and please don’t hesitate to email me with questions, ideas, or just to chat. My inbox is always open!

Asides blogging, I am a full time web designer and founder of Fab Innovation. I also help and coach bloggers on tips and tricks to grow and run a successful blog. If you’re interested, I specialize in topics like SEO optimisation, blog analytics, blog monetization and much more through my blog consulting service and blog design service

Now let me introduce myself properly

About Tega Enai

My name is Tega Enai and I am the creator and blogger behind and most importantly your new best friend. I’m from Nigeria, born and raised but currently based in Dubai, UAE. I have a degree in Business Information systems/Information and a masters in view in Business Strategy. I am a free spirited and purpose driven woman, entrepreneur, goal digger, aspiring fashion mogul, philanthropist and motivational speaker inspired by: the seed of greatness, wealth of talent and resources God has deposited in me. My mission in life is to help people develop and maximise their full potential.

When I am not blogging or designing a website, there’s a good chance you’d find me;

Playing dress-up, shopping (window shopping most of the time), cooking, reading a good romance novel or a motivational book, trying out a home remedy, helping someone, watching a movie, researching the internet for solutions and learning new ways to be innovative and creative, learning more about myself, saying thank you!

I believe:

There is no greater feeling in this world than that of being happy and content with who you are. Flaws and all.

My love affair with fashion was first ignited at a very young age like every other girl who’s passionate about fashion. Fashion gives me life and makes me happy in ways I can’t explain. Style for me is a means of self expression that is driven by how I feel and what I want to express!.

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A word of advice;

Dream big, work hard, stay focused, surround yourself with good people & just do you.


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